My favourite kind of New Year

This time last year I was experiencing the fall season on a different continent. Korea is stunning in autumn, but it doesn’t have the same coziness as a typical Ontario fall. I missed it to the point of exhaustion, and am taking in every whiff of it now that I’m back in Canada. I had plenty of time to consider the differences today, as I was perched as passenger on the back of my dad’s Goldwing. The GPS takes care of the navigating, my dad takes care of the piloting, so I’m left with little to do but watch and take in the scenery.

I love these days of tripping up the winding back roads to familiar riding territory through small town Ontario, playing witness to life as it wraps up another summer and hunkers down for the coming cold. The simplest scenery introduced the season in full force, things like sprawling pumpkin patches, wilting rows of sunflowers, and dried stalks of corn covering acres of farm land. Tractors were busily grooming fields, rolling hay, and collecting their summer’s harvest. Houses were littered with hockey gear airing out on verandas, a sure sign that the ice season is almost here. Sharp, distinct smell of smoke from wood burning fires emphasized the for sale signs stuck to the sides of boats slung from their trailers on dry land at the ends of driveways.

Starting my day by donning socks, instead of sandals, and ending it much earlier, with a sweater adding that extra bit of needed insulation. I love this time of year, it’s always held a feeling of newness with the start of the new school year, but it’s a restart that’s not as rushed as January’s. I love relaxing in the notion that nature is spent. She put on her show for the season and is packing up the stage, ready to rest in the off season before beginning another performance.

Now, I’m settled in with a cup of tea, regaining my body heat that was stripped from me by wearing a motorcycle jacket too large, enjoying the remnants of this early fall afternoon. Life is good.


One thought on “My favourite kind of New Year

  1. You painted a beautiful picture for me of what I missed not riding with the two of you this time. Also a harsh reality that summer is over. Boo hoo!

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