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Snatching on a full stomach

99% of the time, my stomach agrees with Korean food. The other 1% of the time… not so much. Today was a combination of the leftover lack of nutrition from a weekend of less than conscientious eating. I devoured half of a really shitty pizza for Sunday night dinner, and have been paying for it … Continue reading

Saturday morning WOD

My Saturday mornings are usually spent lazily lounging catching up on TV or perusing magazines over a cup of freshly pressed coffee. Yesterday was different, I woke up with a hankering to hit the gym. Outside of my usual schedule, I needed to get some sort of training in. ¬†When I arrived at Gorilla Gym, … Continue reading

Back at it

Crossfit is not something that I take lightly. The easiest part about it is the physical exertion. Every time I step into the box, I’m nervous about the W.O.D that lies ahead. Hell, I’m nervous about the warm-up. But for me, by far the biggest challenge is the mental focus that it requires. You can’t … Continue reading