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My favourite kind of New Year

My favourite kind of New Year

This time last year I was experiencing the fall season on a different continent. Korea is stunning in autumn, but it doesn’t have the same coziness as a typical Ontario fall. I missed it to the point of exhaustion, and am taking in every whiff of it now that I’m back in Canada. I had … Continue reading

Sleeping in good company

I saw a man on the subway tonight wearing a light blue checkered short sleeve button up shirt. I did not see his face, but his hair was thinning and the majority of it was grey. He was slumped into his seat, palms turned up and resting on the tops of his legs. His head … Continue reading

Simple is sweet.

Kid’s make more sense than adults. Hands down. When it comes to expressing emotion, they just get it over with. If they’re mad at you, they’ll yell at you. If they’re really mad at you, they’ll probably swat you, or maybe even bite you depending on their parents’ parenting skills. If they’re sad, they’ll cry. … Continue reading