Gwanghwamun Gate with an Italian flair

Gwangwhamun Gate with an Italian flair Continue reading


Saturday morning WOD

My Saturday mornings are usually spent lazily lounging catching up on TV or perusing magazines over a cup of freshly pressed coffee. Yesterday was different, I woke up with a hankering to hit the gym. Outside of my usual schedule, I needed to get some sort of training in.  When I arrived at Gorilla Gym, … Continue reading

Back at it

Crossfit is not something that I take lightly. The easiest part about it is the physical exertion. Every time I step into the box, I’m nervous about the W.O.D that lies ahead. Hell, I’m nervous about the warm-up. But for me, by far the biggest challenge is the mental focus that it requires. You can’t … Continue reading

Simple is sweet.

Kid’s make more sense than adults. Hands down. When it comes to expressing emotion, they just get it over with. If they’re mad at you, they’ll yell at you. If they’re really mad at you, they’ll probably swat you, or maybe even bite you depending on their parents’ parenting skills. If they’re sad, they’ll cry. … Continue reading